Active Termites in Sandgate Brisbane

Video transcription:

Here I am at a post war home in Sandgate. I’ve just started my external site inspection and I’ve just found some termites. I’m just going to show you the sort of area where they can be. 

We’ve got a steel fence line. We’ve got some timber edging just retaining some of the soil to this garden bed. If we just go down, and I just thought I’d pick up this little edge board and here they are.

Active termites.

If I get quite close in there, you can see them walking around, and if we go right in here, you can just see some of the soldiers coming out to defend. This is a fairly typical location to find them, and that edging is all the way along. 

Just to see how close they are to the house, there’s the fence line, and here is the sub-floor and they can easily make their way out.

You actually can see some concrete cancer to this concrete pier but anywhere along this front wall, it is highly susceptible to attack.