An Example of Brick Fretting (Video)

I’m just about to show you what’s known as brick fretting. We’re at a post-war home here. We’ve got a lower course of brickwork to the subfloor and as you can see, the brickwork’s crumbling. Not all the way, but the top section.                         […]

Brisbane’s Acreage Suburbs Experiencing Best Year Since GFC

Brisbane’s acreage suburbs are experiencing their “best year since the GFC” as wealthy young families from the inner city battle it out over the ultimate backyard for their kids. A growing number of well-heeled buyers are turning their backs on the cafe set in favour of ride-on mowers and weekends filled with yard work, agents […]

Evidence of Subsidence Found During Building Inspection

Evidence of cracks to the brickwork can indicate subsidence / settlement of the building foundations. We identify all cracking to the structure and will refer to the QBCC cracking categories guidelines for the purchaser or vendor to take further investigations. Cracks in walls, ceilings, flooring or around doors and windows may occur for several reasons. Many cracks […]

Pool Fencing and Safety Laws

Maintenance of pool fences and safety barriers is essential to reduce the number of drowning and serious immersion injuries of young children in swimming pools. Pool owners must maintain pool barriers, meet all pool fencing regulations and safety standards and fix damaged fencing or barriers immediately. Swimming pool safety and regulations does not only include pool […]

Queensland’s Worst and Best Performing Resale Suburbs – Q1 2017

About 9.2 per cent of Brisbane homes were sold by their owners at a loss in the first three months of the year, the worst result in almost two years, a new report reveals. The capital was middle-of-the-rung compared to other states — Sydney and Melbourne were again the best performers. CoreLogic has released its Pain […]

House Purchase Contracts – The Clauses You Need To Look Out For…

Buying a house – whether it’s your first home or an investment – is a big deal, and there has been a lot of debate in recent months about housing affordability becoming a key problem in many parts of Australia. Knowing what you need to do if you have found your dream home, though, can […]

What’s the Best Time to Buy a Property?

LIKE every other investment, residential property follows a cycle. Picking the best time to buy and sell to maximise profit often depends on understanding where you are in a property cycle. Conventional wisdom is that residential property follows a 7-10 year cycle between peaks. Within those cycles are the usual value, growth, peak and correction […]

2017 Hot Spots Property in Queensland

The Queensland market is looking patchy with some areas in the doldrums and other parts looking brighter for property investors. What did the property market look like in Queensland in 2016? Queensland real estate agents say that while a unit oversupply is dampening Brisbane’s outlook, other parts of Queensland’s property market are basking in the […]

The Worst has Passed for Queensland – Highlights from the March 2017 Property Market Report

Brisbane Recovers Well From the Post-Mining Boom Dwelling prices shot up by 4.1% in Brisbane over the 12 months to October 2016, CoreLogic data indicates. Cameron Kusher, CoreLogic’s head of research, attributes this increased value to the popularity of detached houses, which has made up for the weakness of the unit market. This gentle but […]

Value of Properties in Brisbane are Anticipated to Rise

House prices are predicted to rise in 29 Brisbane suburbs, with a surprising one-third coming out of one area alone. The latest Hotspotting Price Predictor Index has picked the biggest chunk of metropolitan Brisbane growth would come out of the Moreton Bay area. The Bay toppled Logan City as the top municipality in the capital […]