Building and Pest Inspection Redcliffe

Redcliffe Property has seen steady price gains over the last 10 years. With it’s coastal feel yet only 30 minutes to Brisbane city, buying a home in this Brisbane suburb is not only a good lifestyle choice but also a good long term investment.

YearMedian House PriceHouse Price % Change (YoY)Median Unit PriceUnit Price % Change (YoY)
2004           $275,000               14.6%$285,000              14.0%
2005           $281,000                 2.2%$302,500                6.1%
2006           $280,000                -0.4%$340,500              12.6%
2007           $326,888                16.7%$349,500               2.6%
2008           $358,000                  9.5%$341,000              -2.4%
2009           $360,000                  0.6%$376,250              10.3%
2010           $384,500                  6.8%$405,000                7.6%
2011           $343,000               -10.8%$380,000               -6.2%
2012           $340,000                -0.9%$412,000                8.4%

Before investing in a house in Redcliffe, it’s essential to have a building and pest inspection performed. Homes and property are a valuable investment but buyers must take the time to properly inspect the structure.

Informed Decisions

There are many problems that may be hidden to the naked eye, but a skilled inspector can uncover them.

When buyers are aware of foundation issues, termite infestations and other serious problems, they can make an informed decision regarding their purchase price and the final contract. While they may still choose to buy the property in question, they can renegotiate the final price.

Repairs Before the Final Sale

Some problems are minor and can be addressed later but others will have to be handled before the sale is completed. With a building inspection in Redcliffe, buyers can have serious problems addressed before they sign the final papers.

If they prefer to do the work themselves, then they can have the purchase price adjusted accordingly. Some lenders may require that problems be corrected before the sale is finalised, or they may request that the buyers have the funds for repairs prior to closing the sale.

Prepare for Selling

A building inspection looks at the interior, roof exterior, overall site, subfloor, roof void and exterior.

People who are preparing to sell can invest in one to make sure they won’t face any surprises that cause them to lower their sale price.

After the inspection, they can invest in the necessary repairs or disclose them and price the property accordingly.

Seeking Out Hidden Problems

Even if people aren’t selling or buying property, they can benefit from a pest inspection.

Pests like termites are skilled at hiding in the woodwork of homes while they cause extensive damage. A pest inspection uses moisture meters, thermal image cameras, probes and tapping devices to uncover them.

This allows homeowners to find insect problems and treat them before the home suffers major damage.

Other Services

In addition to having a building and pest inspection, homeowners and potential buyers can also have their pools inspected to assess appropriate safety barriers.

This will set property owners minds at ease to know that their pools are fully compliant and provide an appropriate level of safety.

Older homes sometimes have asbestos so it’s also wise to invest in asbestos testing to be sure the property is safe from this particular hazard.

Before buying or selling a home, call BPI Brisbane North a building and pest inspection.

When buyers and sellers are fully informed, they can make better decisions regarding repairs, prices and other contract terms.

It’s an easy way to protect an investment and enjoy peace of mind regarding the pending real estate transaction.

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