Building and Pest Inspections Bray Park

The home buying/selling process can be complex, and sometimes frustrating, for both buyers and sellers. Before the deal is officially sealed, both parties must jump through several hoops until the keys of the home are passed onto the new homeowners.

For buyers, their goal is to find a suitable property that meets their budgets and their families’ needs. On top of that, they have to make sure that the property they are eyeing to buy is indeed a good buy and is worth their investment.

For sellers, their goal is to sell their property at the soonest time possible, at the best possible cost.

A common mistake that can be easily averted

Many buyers skip hiring professionals for building and pest inspections. Bray Park potential home buyers, however, ought to know that this invaluable service can help save them a lot of money over the long term.

At first sight, a property may look good. But from the perspective of a trained professional, the same property may be a potential problem waiting to happen.

With the help of BPI consultants, home buyers can ascertain whether the property is indeed a good buy or whether there are potential issues like structural defects and termite infestations that can cost the buyer thousands of dollars to remedy.

This means that buyers can enter the negotiation table fully aware, allowing them to leverage this knowledge and make an informed purchasing decision — whether that’s to walk out of the deal or negotiate for a lower cost.

Give potential buyers peace of mind

Sellers will also immensely benefit from subjecting their properties to an impartial and objective assessment by trained professionals.

Prior to putting the property out on the market, the report generated by BPI consultants enables a homeowner to know issues that can undermine the value of his property and enable him to rectify these issues.

Once a suitable buyer for the property has been found, the seller can put the buyer’s mind at ease by showing the report made by BPI consultants.

Areas covered

BPI consultants will generate a detailed report on the actual condition of the property, including potential hazards and recommended actions to rectify these. All areas of the property which are reasonably accessible will be inspected. These include:

  • Structure and footings
  • Roof areas
  • Subfloor areas
  • External finishes
  • Drainage and wet areas
  • External structures
  • Internal finishes
  • Doors and windows
  • Pergolas
  • Decking
  • Stairs
  • Retaining walls and fences
  • Driveways and paths
  • Warning on balcony failures