Building and Pest Inspections Carseldine

Real estate is an exceptional investment in Carseldine. The residential suburb in Brisbane offers numerous opportunities for affordable housing, which you can then sell for a tidy profit or rent out for additional income. But these lucrative benefits are dependent on the very state and the quality of the property you choose.

A Closer Look at Your Property

At BPI Brisbane North, we help you get a closer look at the property you are considering buying. Director and owner, Martin Slater, has over 20 years of experience as a fully licensed and insured builder as well as building and pest inspector; Martin has also developed his credentials as a pool safety inspector and has been a carpenter for many years.

With such expertise and experienced behind BPI Brisbane North, you can be certain the building and pest inspection Carseldine properties need will be extensive, accurate, and very professional. The examination, we do on your property can help you make the right decisions, as a homeowner, a potential buyer, or a seller.

Secure Comfort and Safety

As a homeowner, you can use our detailed inspections to uncover repair issues before they become safety issues, not to mention a costly expense. From leaky roofs due to poor maintenance to structural damage due to termite infestation, our building and pest inspections can reveal property issues that could affect your comfort and safety.

As a potential buyer, our inspections give you sufficient information about the very condition of the property. No second-guessing necessary. No costly surprises to greet you once you occupy the property. With the clear and concise reports we submit within 24 hours, you can also use the results as leverage during negotiations.

As a seller, we help you come up with the best possible price for your property. Our thorough inspections use only the latest equipment in the industry, from the best thermal imaging technology to the most accurate moisture metres.

Our Services

Using Australian Standard 4349.1-1995 for building inspections and Australian Standard 4349.3-1998 and AS 3660 for our pest inspections, our inspections allow you to make only the most informed and educated decisions on any property.

Building inspections will be conducted at all accessible areas, from the interior to the exterior. Using the best techniques, we can identify major defects and safety hazards.

Pest inspections uncover infestation from borers, termites, and wood decaying fungi. With our advanced tools and inspection techniques, we help you gain the peace of mind you need.

Pool safety inspections, in accordance with Queensland pool safety laws, will allow you to reduce the risk of accidents, and at the same time, help you achieve compliance.  Through our thorough assessment, we can make the appropriate recommendations that address repairs and changes to your pool area.

Call us today. Get your Carseldine property checked from top to bottom, form the inside and out. Secure your investments. And gain a better property.