Building and Pest Inspections in Albany Creek

Purchasing a home is a major life event for most people.

Homebuyers will gain a building and pest inspection before finalising a home purchase.

A quality inspection will provide peace of mind and help homebuyers make a more informed decision with their purchase. An inspection will also determine if any defects are present that need rectifying are present.

During an inspection, the assessor will review the home’s entire structure including the ceiling, walls, floors and roof.

The Inspector will check for dampness to assess a potential mould problem. Other defects such as water leaks, cracks and fire hazards will also be assessed and reported on.

BPI North Brisbane helps homebuyers compare the home that the you are interested in with another home of a comparable age and construction.

We have invested in the latest thermal image technology to ensure a thorough assessment. Furthermore, a BPI inspector will check a home’s exterior, subfloor and interior.

BPI can also arrange a professional asbestos inspection for your home.

Asbestos is a collection of minerals that feature thin microscopic particles that are heat and fire resistant.

Asbestos can cause health problems like asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

During BPI’s inspection, the company’s assessor will also review the home for termites.

If a home has a termite infestation, this can affect the residence’s foundation, carpets, walls and ceiling.

Martin Slater is the owner and director of BPI Brisbane North and when homebuyers contact the company for an inspection, they will receive a high level of expertise as Martin has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry.

BPI Brisbane North offers professional advice and provides reports within 24 hours.

Inspection Report Details

An inspection report will include details about the property such as its size, condition and age.

Furthermore, reports feature in-depth information to help homebuyers choose their property wisely.

The document should list the homebuyer’s name, inspection purpose and the property’s address. Additional details may include the inspection date, areas that need to be rectified and information regarding the property’s overall condition.

Reports may contain repair recommendations and advice on who to contact

About Albany Creek

As only a 30-minute drive to Brisbane’s main business district, Albany Creek is not only close to the Brisbane CBD but also retains a sense of ruralness and community not often found in suburbs this close to a major city.

Therefore, residents can enjoy living in a quiet suburb that’s close enough to a large city for more variety in employment.

Homebuyers who are searching for residences in the area will come across older homes that are spacious and affordable along with high-end residences that feature brick exteriors, balconies and luxurious landscaping.