Building Inspection Defect

Hi there. Martin here from BPI Building and Pest Inspections. I’m just completing a building and pest inspection on this low set brick veneer building and I’ve just come across a fairly major defect relating to the brick work.

All this brick work here is actually fairly light in colour and as we take a closer look, you can see that it virtually just looks like sand. 

I’ve uncovered a couple of telling defects and if we have a look down here, some of this mortar is basically crumbling as soon as I put my finger to it. If we have a look down here, just have a look here how easily that comes out. 

There’s been no cement put into this mortar, the bricks have just made inadequate batch and they’ve continued with the same mixture all the way through.

Some of these brick joints have just got no mortar left at all. I can virtually eventually blow some of the sand out.

If we have a look up here, some bricks have actually dropped, and that’s going to allow water to get down through these joins and damage the internal frame so you’ll just hope that the internal frame has got some building paper or sisalation as a vapour barrier, but as we have a look in here, in here is where there should be a vapour barrier or some building paper so sisalation and it’s completely missing. I can touch the back of the wall there.

Have a look at this sand, it’s just dust. This is a major defect and basically all the brick work needs to pulled out and replaced. There’s patches all along here and there’s actually even loose bricks to this whole corner. 

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