Building and Pest Inspection Kallangur

Located in the Moreton Bay Region, Kallangur is a popular Brisbane suburb for those who are looking for a laid back family lifestyle complete with shopping, dining and outdoor amenities.

If you are considering purchasing a home in Kallangur, be sure to take advantage of our top of the line building and pest inspections that will allow you to be more comfortable with your house purchase.

Kallangur Real Estate Statistics

Kallangur offers many different housing options. In August 2013, the median house price for a 3-bedroom single family home in Kallangur is $309,584 while the average rent is around $350 per week.


With good long term capital growth, home buyers can expect to be making a wise investment when purchasing a home here.

Building and Pest Inspections in Kallangur

Our building and pest inspection services within Kallangur can help you to find the house of your dreams.


Taking advantage of a building inspection is extremely important when buying a home to ensure that the home you are buying doesn’t have hidden problems such as structural defects or termite infestation.


With a full inspection report from a highly trained inspector such as Martin Slater from BPI Brisbane North, you will be able to understand what repairs may need to be undertaken to the home including issues that may be a problem in the future.


Building inspections cover everything from the foundation to the roofing and everything in between.


A good building and pest inspection which see that the electrical and plumbing are in good order and that there are no pests hiding within the interior or exterior of the household.


We will check all wooden structures to ensure that there are no signs of termite damage or infestation that may need to be treated and repaired before the time of purchase.Other services that we offer include the use of thermal imaging equipment which is useful for detecting water leaks that are not commonly seen by the human eye.


We also perform pool safety inspections to provide you with the peace of mind to know that the pool is safely secured away from your property and uses industry standard equipment to provide you with the utmost safety while swimming.


For your next combined building and pest inspection, contact Martin Slater from BPI Brisbane North on 07 3036 5555.