Building and Pest Inspection Strathpine

After finding the perfect home to purchase in Strathpine, take advantage of a BPI Brisbane North high-quality building and pest inspection services that will assist you in determining if this is the right property as any underlying surprises or not.

Strathpine Real Estate

Whether you are looking for an investment property, single family home, townhouse or unit, there are plenty of different options available to you within the Strathpine area.
Strathpine is made up of about 7 square kilometres with 8 beautiful parks found in this suburb.


The average population within Strathpine is a little over 9,000 and many of those who opt to live here are young families with children who are looking for an affordable yet convenient location to raise their family.
Those looking to buy a home can expect to find average sale prices of around $264,000 as of August 2013.  In 2004, the average price was $200 000.

Building and Pest Inspections in Strathpine

Before making an investment on a home in Strathpine, BPI Brisbane North can provide you with a quality assured building and pest inspection service.


These services will inform you about any minor or major defects to the home including those found within the foundation, siding, the overall structure, electrical components, insulation, pools and much more.


The Thermal Camera Advantage

Thermal camera imaging equipment may also be used to detect insulation and plumbing leaks that are otherwise undetectable.


We will also check for signs of pests including termites and rodents that may be found within the foundation, in the basement and in the piping.


Pool Inspections

If you are purchasing a home with a swimming pool, you may also consider taking advantage of a pool safety inspection that can ensure that all components of the pool are up to code and completely safe for your families use.


Building and pest inspections can help you to save money on your next home purchase and to make well informed decisions.