Building and Pest Inspections in Eatons Hill

Eatons Hill in the north of Brisbane is a great place to buy a property.

This quiet suburb which occupies nine square kilometres has a steady population growth of around nine percent and has a median house price of 599 000 as of August 2013.

The suburb features five parks and the majority of the residents consist of couples and families with children.

The types of houses in Eaton’s Hill consist of luxury homes on acreage and large family homes.

Getting a qualified building and pest inspection prior to purchasing a home in Eatons Hill can potentially save you thousands of dollars

The Importance of a quality Inspection

While a home may look vibrant to the untrained eye, hidden problems such as termite infestations and foundation issues may be present.

Nothing is worse than agreeing to purchase a home and then finding that there is problem that wasn’t picked up because of a poor quality inspection.


By hiring BPI Brisbane North to inspect your future home, you will have access to tools such as our thermal camera imaging equipment.

What happens during an Inspection?

When we come to inspect a property, we first look for signs of damage from pests common to the area both inside and outside the home.

If damage is noticed, we investigate further or advise the best course of action. During the inspection, we can also detect other potential problems such as moisture caused by leaking taps or bathroom recesses with our Thermal Camera Technology.When we have completed our findings, we will supply you with a detailed report.

If there are issues identified, we will advise the best course of action to rectify these issues.

Pool Inspections

If you own a Pool in Eatons Hill, we can provide a qualified Pool Inspection to ensure all safety standards are being met.

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