Termite Precautions For Your Home

If you own a property in Queensland, you have probably been warned about termites. This is because termites prefer humid conditions, and can cause major problems in timber structures. Timber in the ground should be termite-resistant or treated in accordance with the relevant standards in the National Construction Code (NCC). What is a termite management […]

2018 Looking good For Brisbane Property Growth

PROPERTY price growth was subdued toward the end of the year, but expectations are for a positive 2018. PROPERTY price growth in Brisbane Property market was subdued toward the end of the year, but expectations are for a positive 2018. The latest CoreLogic property value index revealed no change to Brisbane dwelling values in December […]

An Example of Brick Fretting (Video)

I’m just about to show you what’s known as brick fretting. We’re at a post-war home here. We’ve got a lower course of brickwork to the subfloor and as you can see, the brickwork’s crumbling. Not all the way, but the top section.                         […]

Evidence of Subsidence Found During Building Inspection

Evidence of cracks to the brickwork can indicate subsidence / settlement of the building foundations. We identify all cracking to the structure and will refer to the QBCC cracking categories guidelines for the purchaser or vendor to take further investigations. Cracks in walls, ceilings, flooring or around doors and windows may occur for several reasons. Many cracks […]

We Inspected This Amazing Old Converted Church in Northgate

Not your typical inspection here but we loved getting the chance to inspect this amazing property at Northgate. Read the full story below. A Northgate church converted into a dream home sold under the hammer for $920,000 at the weekend. Late Saturday afternoon, the four-bedroom, one-bathroom heritage listed home at 116 Peary St was bought […]

The Risks Home Buyers Unknowingly Take

Many Australians find that it takes a long time to locate and buy homes that don’t have some form of building or pest defect. Numerous houses appear to remain in excellent condition when potential buyers tour them however pest and building inspections frequently reveal serious problems that would cost thousands of dollars to correct in […]

10 Tips on How To Prevent Building and Pest Defects

To preserve your house and prevent future defects, there is nothing as effective as a bit of home maintenance on a routine basis. When you care for your house in the proper manner, you preserve its present and future value and also provide a safe harbour from the outside world for your family. Learning about […]

The Long Term Benefits of A Licensed Building and Pest Inspection

Given the high cost of buying a house, it may seem ridiculous to spend even more on a qualified building inspection before closing on a contract. However, what seems like the perfect home could be hiding a host of potential expenses. Having a licensed professional take a close look at the entire house could save […]

The Importance of a Building Inspection on Your Property

When buying a property, it is important to get a pre-purchase property inspection report that will avoid you extra costs or hidden problems. Knowledge of the Building Inspection A pre-purchase property inspection is one of the many types of building inspections you can get. It’s wise to get this done before buying any piece of […]

How Long Should A Building Inspection Take?

House inspection is one of the most important step of buying a house. It is one of the things that should definitely be included in the house purchase contract. It requires a professional inspector to look at the condition of the house and look for any damages or malfunctions. The professional inspector is also responsible […]