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pest inspection brisbaneWe uncover the presence of insects which destroy wood such as termites, borers and wood decaying funghi.

In accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3- 1998 and AS 3660 Inspection guidelines, we utilise thermal camera technology to help detect such insects.

In addition to our Timber pest report to identify these pests, we will also assist you to prevent future attacks with a maintenance plan to ensure your investment is secure.

pest services in brisbane northIs your house or the house you are purchasing affected by termites? One in every five Australian homes are thought to be affected by termites (CSIRO statistics). In Brisbane, termites are abundant.

Termites can cause devastating damage to homes which can cost home owners thousands of dollars in repairs and severely diminish the resale value.

Timber Pest Inspection – Our Tools

Probe/Tapping Device – This device taps the skirtings, window reveals and frames, architraves, door jams and other timbers for termite damage.

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Moisture Meter – Termites thrive in high moisture areas. This meter can detect termite activity.

Thermal Image Camera – This is used to scan for ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots. By measuring the surface temperature of materials, the camera will show black (cold) spots or white (hot) spots.

A termite nest will be hotter than its surrounds and will show as a white ‘hot’ spot.

A shower or roof leak will show up as a black or ‘cold’ spot.

The camera although not an Australian Standard is an added service that we provide which gives piece of mind when buying a home.

See a video of our thermal camera in action here.


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