Poor Construction

Video transcription:

Here we are at the rear corner of a Queenslander house and I’ve just picked up a deck extension with concrete slab’s been poured plus some new steel posts have been put into this corner of the house and if we just take a closer look here, we can actually see that the post is sliding and it’s been chalked up, so this is a major defect.

If we have a look down here, we can just see, the concrete is starting to crack.

The post is actually out of plumb and this gives you a good idea of how close it is to maybe coming away.

The whole corner of the house could drop away.

Again here, this deck bearer has got one bolt and the shear force on that, no bearing down to the housing on the timber post so there’s quite a few issues on this deck.

Concrete has been poured in around the bottom of the stairs. No clearance, so you got termite concealment and one of these timber posts have actually got the concrete poured in around the stirrups, so there’s no clearance.

It’s recommended to have at least 75 millimeters of clearance to these posts.