Removed Sub Floor Piers

Video transcription:

We can see here, I’m in the sub floor of the residence. They’ve taken out a beam that would have run across here. They’ve taken out a concrete pier.

They’ve actually fitted on this steel plate which is welded and you can see here the welds are rusting. So you’ve got a sheer force bearing down on this load here which is carried through to this plate here which is supporting a beam which runs all the way to a concrete pier here which is hollow.

It’s actually core filled. You can see here that this pier is core filled holding up this steel beam, so this could crack that in time.

If you have a look here, actually if you come straight ahead, you can see down here on the ground the concrete pier’s been taken out and again a new steel beam has been put in onto a concrete pier which will be hollow. 

Again here, another plate rusted.