Thermal Camera Advantage

Video transcription:

Hi there, Martin here from BPI Building and Pest Inspections.

I’d just like to show you the advantage of using a thermal camera on your next building or pest inspection.

If you have a look here through the camera, we can actually see the surface up here on the ceiling in the corner and there’s a dark black thermal anomaly.

What that actually is is the surface temperature reading a cold spot. That cold spot is a leaking shower which has been undetectable to the naked eye except now with the thermal camera we can see that there is definitely some moisture at that cold spot.

On further investigation now and we can actually see that there has been some new tiles put to the shower enclosure so they may have done a refurb in which case they might have not put adequate water proofing to the shell of the shower.

This is going to need further investigation by a plumber to see if the leak is actually the pipes to the back of the wall and the cavity or if it is actually in fact the water proof membrane.

Martin from BPI Building and Pest Inspections.